19th of October 2020
Maximilian Kuschmierz
achieved 5 records:

900 catches of 4 ball 7441, 6m of 3 ball backcrosses, 12m 15s of 4 ring async isolated, 12m 15s of 4 ring async, 12m 16s of 2 ring 1 hand async
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Base ball patterns
Pattern1st PlaceDurationDate
3 ball cascadeAlex Lubker2h 46m 30s (30470c)2007-11-02
4 ball async fountainAlex Lubker38m 30s (7929c)2007-09-28
5 ball cascadeMaximilian Kuschmierz1h 15m2019-01-10
6 ball async fountainMaximilian Kuschmierz8m 30s2020-05-03
7 ball cascadechristhejuggler5m 5s2014-10-11
8 ball async fountainTom Whitfield160c2020-05-14
9 ball cascadeTom Whitfield122c2020-07-04
10 ball async fountainTom Whitfield39c2020-02-29
11 ball cascadeTom Whitfield27c2019-03-03
12 ball async fountainDylan Tweed15c2019-12-15
13 ball cascadepeterbone & Dylan Tweed13c2005-11-15
14 ball async fountainJack the Juggler3c2019-10-07
Most popular ball patterns
Pattern1st place2nd place3rd placeTotal jugglers
5 ball cascadeMaximilian Kuschmierzpeterbonechristhejuggler78
7 ball cascadechristhejugglerTom WhitfieldMaximilian Kuschmierz74
6 ball asyncMaximilian KuschmierzchristhejugglerPablo Velt61
8 ball asyncTom WhitfieldDylan TweedLukedaviesss46
9 ball cascadeTom WhitfieldMatan PresbergDanwood42
5 ball showerLeeroy49lutkusRavi Fernando35
5 ball 744Maximilian KuschmierzLeeroy49Juggleo34
4 ball asyncAlex LubkerLeeroy49Tom Whitfield34
Base club patterns
Pattern1st PlaceDurationDate
3 club cascade in singlesRobert LeBoeuf3h 43m 14s2019-08-30
4 club async fountain in doublesFelix Juggler5750c2017-11-26
5 club cascade in doublesBar Mualem16m 2s2011-08-18
6 club async fountain in triplesEivind Dragsjo242c2019-10-17
7 club cascade in triplesJack Denger145c2019-03-01
8 club async fountain in quadsBenjamin Thompson16c2012-02-16
9 club cascade in quadsEivind Dragsjo11c2016-12-05
Most popular club patterns
Pattern1st place2nd place3rd placeTotal jugglers
5 club cascade in doublesBar MualemEivind DragsjoFelix Juggler47
4 club async in doublesFelix JugglerJohnAlex Lubker32
3 club cascade in singlesRobert LeBoeufAmeron RosvallNikMeier24
6 club async in triplesEivind DragsjochristhejugglerJack Denger24
4 club async in singlesAmeron RosvallPablo VeltFelix Juggler20
5 club cascade in singlesEivind DragsjoJack DengerFelix Juggler20
5 club cascade in triplespeterboneLeeroy49Felix Juggler16
3 club cascade with a club balanceAmeron RosvallAlex Lubkerllamajuggler16
Base ring patterns
Pattern1st PlaceDurationDate
3 ring cascadeRobert LeBoeuf2h 8m 27s2019-09-27
4 ring async fountainAmeron Rosvall48m 8s (10000c)2008-01-09
5 ring cascadeItamar Hai7m 16s2018-10-31
6 ring async fountainEivind Dragsjo640c2018-12-12
7 ring cascadeEivind Dragsjo300c2017-09-18
8 ring async fountainEivind Dragsjo100c2018-09-16
9 ring cascadeEivind Dragsjo28c2016-11-07
10 ring async fountainEivind Dragsjo20c2018-08-18
11 ring cascadeEivind Dragsjo11c2016-05-05
12 ring async fountainNo records yet!
Most popular ring patterns
Pattern1st place2nd place3rd placeTotal jugglers
6 ring asyncEivind DragsjochristhejugglerPablo Velt27
7 ring cascadeEivind DragsjochristhejugglerBar Mualem26
5 ring cascadeItamar HaiEivind DragsjoLeeroy4924
8 ring asyncEivind DragsjoJack DengerZak McAllister21
4 ring asyncAmeron RosvallRobert LeBoeufFabian19
6 ring syncMaximilian KuschmierzMoritz Rosnerjsmwnyc18
8 ring syncEivind DragsjoMoritz RosnerDylan Tweed, JonHartford & jsmwnyc14
9 ring cascadeEivind Dragsjochristhejuggler & Jack Denger-13
Recent records
4 ball 7441Maximilian Kuschmierz900c2020-10-192020-10-19
3 ball backcrossesMaximilian Kuschmierz6m2020-10-192020-10-19
4 ball 1 hand async with 1 kg wrist weightsTom Whitfield40c2020-10-192020-10-19
8 ball sync with 1 kg wrist weightsTom Whitfield24c2020-10-192020-10-19
4 ring async isolatedMaximilian Kuschmierz12m 15s2020-10-192020-10-19
4 ring asyncMaximilian Kuschmierz12m 15s2020-10-192020-10-19
2 ring 1 hand asyncMaximilian Kuschmierz12m 16s2020-10-192020-10-19
3 club cascade in laziesjsmwnyc1c2020-10-182020-10-19
4 ball 7441yuejiu680c2020-10-172020-10-17
4 ball 74414yuejiu500c2020-10-172020-10-17
4 ball 74414yuejiu450c2020-10-162020-10-16
5 club cascade in flatsEivind Dragsjo58c2020-10-162020-10-16
12 ball asyncEivind Dragsjo12c2020-10-162020-10-16
8 ball [44]Luna Harran12c2020-10-162020-10-16
8 ball [44]Luna Harran8c2020-10-152020-10-15
5 club 645Moritz Rosner288c2020-10-152020-10-15
7 ball [43]Luna Harran16c2020-10-142020-10-14
5 ball cascade blindLuna Harran5c2020-10-142020-10-14
6 ball [44][44][11]Luna Harran12c2020-10-142020-10-14
6 ball a7445Maximilian Kuschmierz70c2020-10-142020-10-14
6 ball 89445Maximilian Kuschmierz65c2020-10-142020-10-14
6 ball 9584736Maximilian Kuschmierz28c2020-10-142020-10-14
5 club 74464Moritz Rosner200c2020-10-142020-10-14
5 club 753Moritz Rosner216c2020-10-142020-10-14
5 ring 744Maximilian Kuschmierz108c2020-10-142020-10-14
9 ball (ax,8x) half showerMaximilian Kuschmierz16c2020-10-142020-10-14
3 club cascade in flatsRobert LeBoeuf13c2020-10-142020-10-15
5 club backcrosses in triplesLena Schuster5c2020-10-142020-10-15
3 club backcrosses in doublesjsmwnyc82c2020-10-142020-10-16
4 club 7531Robert LeBoeuf8c2020-10-132020-10-13
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