I juggle balls, rings and clubs and I do headbouncing because its a lot of fun. Follow me on twitter or watch my yt videos :)))

Combined flashed: 24
Combined qualified: 23

Reputation: 100%
Country: Germany
Joined: 2014-08-30

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5 ball cascade7/20456m2014-08-301
5 ball cascade with a head bounce 3/865c2022-09-251
5 club backcrosses in triples 1/15235c2022-09-033
6 ball 756 2/429m 14s2014-08-301
6 ball async fountain5/1385m 50s2014-09-131
6 ball async fountain with a head bounce 3/513c2022-09-251
6 ball b975315/41144c2014-10-111
6 club async fountain in triples 3/45231c2014-10-122
6 ring async fountain 2/56530c2014-08-311
7 ball cascade 3/1545m 5s2014-10-112
7 ball cascade with a head bounce 2/511c2022-12-301
7 club cascade in triples4/42163c2018-07-284
7 ring cascade 2/47200c2014-10-112
8 ball async fountain14/10857c2014-08-301
8 ring async fountain6/3830c2014-10-112
9 ring cascade5/1915c2014-09-101
christhejuggler's Recent Solo Records
7 ball cascade with a head bounce11c2022-12-302022-12-30
best run on video so far

5 ball cascade with a head bounce65c2022-09-252022-12-30
best one on video yet

6 ball async fountain with a head bounce13c2022-09-252022-12-30
best run on camera so far

5 club backcrosses in triples235c2022-09-032022-12-30
video on my instagram
7 club cascade in triples163c2018-07-282022-12-30
best run I ever did on video, video on my instagram page
5 club backcrosses in triples135c2014-11-232014-11-23
been walking around way too much
6 club async fountain in triples231c2014-10-122014-10-12-
7 ring cascade200c2014-10-112014-10-11
actually it was a little more than 200 and i ended with a pulldown
7 ball cascade5m 5s2014-10-112014-10-11-
6 ball b97531144c2014-10-112014-10-11-
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