Katharina Michalski

Katharina Michalski has been juggling for 2 years and 10 months.

Combined flashed: 18
Combined qualified: 18

Reputation: 100%
Country: Germany
Joined: 2021-12-03

Katharina Michalski is participating in the following leagues:
The Endurance League

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Katharina Michalski is a member of the passing team: Katharina Michalski, Moritz Rosner.
Katharina Michalski's Solo Patterns
3 ball 3 half shower68/110108c2021-12-191
3 ball cascade10/1661h 25m2021-12-031
3 ball reverse cascade74/111105c2021-12-191
3 ball shower71/109129c2021-12-191
3 club 42311/27207c2023-03-182
3 club 44111/37315c2023-03-182
3 club 123456/10260c2023-03-182
3 club 5550010/1442c2023-03-181
3 club backcrosses in doubles29/3612c2022-11-072
3 club box10/1476c2023-03-181
3 club cascade in doubles23/66177c2023-03-182
3 club cascade in flats38/5936c2022-07-285
3 club cascade in singles38/12311m 33s2021-12-181
3 club cascade with a club balanced on the head34/436c2023-02-051
3 club mills mess in singles23/3278c2023-03-181
3 club shower9/29140c2023-03-231
4 ball 535/20608c2023-03-237
4 ball 53432/73228c2023-04-022
4 ball 55230/48153c2022-04-181
4 ball 56110/19123c2022-10-271
4 ball 753122/5180c2023-03-111
4 ball 6355110/1390c2023-04-032
4 ball async fountain59/1606m 20s2022-07-303
4 club 5315/22100c2023-03-188
4 club 53424/3521c2023-03-191
4 club 552 in doubles6/1028c2022-11-071
4 club async fountain in doubles43/91207c2022-07-3113
4 club async fountain in outside throws in doubles4/612c2023-03-231
4 club async fountain in singles43/6584c2022-11-075
4 club sync fountain in doubles28/4872c2022-04-253
5 ball (6x,4)*57/7040c2023-04-242
5 ball 64549/7072c2024-02-205
5 ball 74453/8236c2024-02-204
5 ball cascade136/227260c2023-03-2317
5 club cascade in doubles79/11717c2023-09-078
5 ring cascade63/8830c2023-08-133
6 ball 7512/1516c2023-11-072
6 ball 75637/499c2024-02-122
6 ball async fountain95/15839c2023-08-2512
6 ball sync fountain41/8529c2023-04-106
6 ring async fountain43/6812c2023-08-232
7 ball cascade116/17318c2024-01-056
Katharina Michalski's Recent Solo Records
5 ball 74436c2024-02-202024-02-20-
5 ball 64572c2024-02-202024-02-20-
5 ball 74427c2024-02-122024-02-12-
6 ball 7569c2024-02-122024-02-12-
7 ball cascade18c2024-01-052024-01-05
6 ball 7516c2023-11-072023-11-07-
5 club cascade in doubles17c2023-09-072023-09-07-
5 club cascade in doubles14c2023-08-252023-08-25-
6 ball async fountain39c2023-08-252023-08-25-
6 ring async fountain12c2023-08-232023-08-24-
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Katharina Michalski's Team Patterns
Katharina Michalski, Moritz Rosner6 club 1 count singles4/4100pc2022-02-161
Katharina Michalski, Moritz Rosner6 club 2 count back to back3/37pc2022-02-271
Katharina Michalski, Moritz Rosner7 club 1 count singles 2/38pc2022-03-061
Katharina Michalski, Moritz Rosner7 club 2 count doubles7/780pc2022-03-063
Katharina Michalski, Moritz Rosner7 club 2 count singles4/6110pc2022-03-133
Katharina Michalski, Moritz Rosner8 club 2 count doubles7/89pc2022-03-061
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