Jonny Moore

Northern Irish. Mostly balls, but a bit of everything. Foot juggling is cool too

Jonny Moore has been juggling for 7 years and 6 months.

Combined flashed: 24
Combined qualified: 20

Reputation: 99%
Country: Ireland
Joined: 2021-03-20

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Top 3 places:
 - 9
 - 7
 - 20

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2 ball 1 hand 40 with a ball spin on free hand 1/750c2021-03-221
2 club 1 hand columns in flats 2/597c2021-03-231
3 ball 441 with a club balanced on the head 2/7138c2021-04-211
3 ball 531 mills mess variation11/22200c2021-03-221
3 ball 12345 in overheads4/492c2018-04-261
3 ball backcrosses13/551m 15s (145c)2021-05-164
3 ball backcrosses with a club balanced on the head 3/615c2023-02-183
3 ball cascade in behind the neck throws6/18149c2021-03-223
3 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head7/29212c2021-05-072
3 ball cascade with a ring balanced on the head4/726c2021-08-202
3 ball inverted box5/13244c2021-03-221
3 ball reverse cascade with a club balanced on the head 2/4105c2021-03-232
3 ball shower with a club balanced on the head 3/8120c2021-03-221
3 club 1 hand async fountain in triples10/1912c2018-12-172
3 club backcrosses in doubles21/3354c2021-04-153
3 club cascade in flats29/52100c2021-03-221
3 club cascade in helicopters5/844c2018-08-121
3 club cascade with a club balanced on the head25/3975c2021-04-162
3 ring cascade in pancakes17/31101c2021-03-221
3 ring reverse cascade in pancakes 3/10196c2021-03-241
4 ball 1 hand async fountain11/5245c2022-09-234
4 ball 61511/26254c2018-12-271
4 ball 5551 in overheads 2/371c2018-04-221
4 ball 7531 in overheads 1/245c2018-04-281
4 ball async fountain blind12/2510c2023-01-041
4 ball async fountain in overheads 3/33352c2018-04-231
4 ball async fountain pinball 3/9420c2019-07-282
4 ball async fountain with a club balanced on the head6/26180c2021-06-176
4 ball async fountain with a ring balanced on the head5/618c2021-10-291
4 ball async fountain with penguin catches5/1360c2021-06-173
4 ball inverted sprung cascade 3/646c2022-02-023
4 ball mills mess22/56220c2018-08-193
4 ball shoulder throws6/1388c2021-05-167
4 ball shoulder throws with a club balanced on the head1/14c2022-12-291
4 ball sprung cascade8/26262c2021-01-251
4 ball sync fountain blind 1/431c2023-01-041
4 ball sync fountain with penguin catches 3/533c2022-12-252
4 club (6x,4)(4,2x)* 2/38c2018-07-191
4 club 53414/3081c2023-02-184
4 club 6337/1654c2021-08-064
4 club 7531 3/1020c2022-03-222
4 club 645143/310c2018-07-191
4 club 753143/310c2018-08-121
4 club async fountain in doubles with a club balanced on the head10/159c2022-04-022
4 club async fountain in flats13/2023c2021-03-132
4 club async fountain in singles14/59440c2020-03-065
4 club async fountain in singles with a club balanced on the head11/2222c2021-04-243
4 club sync fountain in singles9/34280c2021-03-221
4 ring async fountain in pancakes13/168c2021-03-231
4 ring async fountain with a club balanced on the head8/94c2021-04-141
4 ring async fountain with a ring balanced on the head7/74c2022-03-151
5 ball (6,4)(4x,6)* 3/6220c2021-04-211
5 ball (6x,4)(6,4x) 3/8372c2021-03-221
5 ball (6x,4)(6x,4x)*4/10216c2021-05-183
5 ball (6x,4x)(6,4x)*4/10160c2021-03-221
5 ball (8x,4)(4,4)*6/18125c2021-04-291
5 ball 64510/64600c2019-10-167
5 ball 66315/31104c2021-03-261
5 ball 74418/73264c2019-04-213
5 ball 744 in overheads4/742c2022-06-293
5 ball 75314/38123c2021-04-291
5 ball 77114/31130c2021-04-072
5 ball 8346/974c2022-06-074
5 ball 8616/16141c2021-11-164
5 ball 915 3/10123c2023-01-244
5 ball 666615/39300c2021-05-062
5 ball 68551 1/3125c2023-03-141
5 ball 757515/15150c2022-07-052
5 ball 9444410/32110c2021-04-223
5 ball 9753114/62235c2021-11-055
5 ball 97531 in overheads 1/25c2018-05-051
5 ball 777171 2/11184c2021-04-211
5 ball 1234567894/718c2021-11-301
5 ball backcrosses14/3115c2021-06-023
5 ball cascade34/2042898c2018-12-183
5 ball cascade blind 3/159c2021-03-223
5 ball cascade blind behind the back 1/936c2019-11-011
5 ball cascade in overheads 3/32220c2020-05-247
5 ball cascade pinball 1/4364c2021-03-203
5 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head10/37101c2021-05-088
5 ball cascade with a ring balanced on the head4/612c2021-06-031
5 ball cascade with clawed catches 3/640c2021-04-222
5 ball cascade with penguin catches4/1010c2021-07-131
5 ball mills mess12/39150c2021-02-1810
5 ball reverse cascade12/54208c2018-10-083
5 ball sprung fountain 2/498c2023-02-183
5 ball tennis 3/18150c2021-03-201
5 ball [54]246/10333c2018-04-261
5 bounce ball lift cascade7/1129c2021-08-312
5 club (6x,4)*9/1934c2021-08-252
5 club (6x,4)* with the 6xs as doubles and the 4s as singles 1/734c2021-08-252
5 club 6458/1115c2021-08-133
5 club 74410/2121c2022-09-274
5 club 7537/86c2022-08-132
5 club 666615/55c2021-06-181
5 club 944443/35c2021-11-061
5 club cascade in doubles30/102230c2021-12-0315
5 club cascade in singles17/3343c2022-02-153
5 club cascade in triples9/2581c2022-08-134
5 ring 74411/136c2021-06-081
5 ring 975316/95c2022-08-111
5 ring cascade39/79104c2021-02-094
5 ring cascade with a club balanced on the head6/65c2021-04-141
6 ball (8,4)*10/1840c2021-01-041
6 ball (8,8)(4,4)11/2232c2021-07-111
6 ball 75 half shower10/53226c2018-09-243
6 ball 75613/42138c2020-08-018
6 ball 7744/23178c2021-08-315
6 ball 8559/27141c2021-09-075
6 ball 86415/2527c2022-05-171
6 ball 955513/2548c2018-10-302
6 ball 77781 3/430c2021-04-221
6 ball 777771 3/25108c2020-12-073
6 ball 77777704/15186c2020-11-281
6 ball async fountain34/138256c2020-02-234
6 ball async fountain blind behind the back 1/313c2021-03-201
6 ball async fountain in overheads5/1415c2022-02-221
6 ball async fountain with a club balanced on the head8/1413c2021-04-082
6 ball async fountain with a ring balanced on the head3/36c2021-06-081
6 ball b9753114/4136c2022-02-245
6 ball mills mess6/1018c2020-05-171
6 ball shower14/3846c2018-09-142
6 ball sprung cascade 3/624c2023-02-181
6 ball sync fountain10/78174c2020-03-284
6 ball sync fountain with a club balanced on the head5/612c2021-06-172
6 ball wimpy13/45188c2019-05-072
6 club 75 in triple, double17/216c2022-12-301
6 club async fountain in triples28/456c2021-06-111
6 club sync fountain in triples7/156c2021-06-041
6 ring async fountain36/5619c2021-06-012
7 ball (8x,6)*16/4586c2022-05-037
7 ball (8x,6x) half shower13/3062c2018-10-223
7 ball (ax,6)(6,6)*3/34c2021-04-241
7 ball 8677/2139c2022-04-014
7 ball 8856/76c2023-02-181
7 ball 96616/3021c2023-02-193
7 ball 9757/113c2018-08-191
7 ball 88888815/1014c2021-03-202
7 ball b66666/85c2021-05-231
7 ball cascade18/154385c2020-07-288
7 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head7/1016c2021-05-063
7 ball db975315/147c2018-12-241
7 ball reverse cascade5/1627c2021-05-022
7 ball [333][333]32/263c2021-12-151
7 club cascade in triples26/427c2022-06-141
7 ring cascade32/477c2021-04-141
8 ball 97 half shower13/2920c2020-03-062
8 ball 999999990 3/1430c2020-08-121
8 ball async fountain23/10840c2022-04-024
8 ball sync fountain7/6634c2020-02-232
8 ball wimpy18/4434c2020-05-241
9 ball cascade24/9628c2021-06-297
9 ball [333] 3/612c2022-01-041
10 ball async fountain11/4110c2022-12-031
10 ball sync fountain8/3110c2022-08-121
Longest time with a head bounce9/1239b2022-04-032
Jonny Moore's Recent Solo Records
5 ball 68551125c2023-03-142023-03-15
Tried this pattern once a few days ago in an airport. Got this run on my first practice afterwards
7 ball 96621c2023-02-192023-03-15
During Belfast juggling convention
3 ball backcrosses with a club balanced on the head15c2023-02-182023-03-15
During Belfast juggling convention. Think I just needed more space than my bedroom to move around to get used to the pattern
4 club 53481c2023-02-182023-03-15
During Belfast juggling convention. Haven\'t tried running this for a while. Should probably just break 100 next time I try
5 ball sprung fountain98c2023-02-182023-03-15
During Belfast juggling convention. Choked on the last round before 100 like a champ
7 ball 8856c2023-02-182023-03-15
During Belfast juggling convention
6 ball sprung cascade24c2023-02-182023-03-15
During Belfast juggling convention. Feels surprisingly runnable
5 ball 915123c2023-01-242023-01-24
Took much longer to break 100 than expected. could get 70+ every session but only now do I get 100+
4 ball async fountain blind10c2023-01-042023-01-04-
4 ball sync fountain blind31c2023-01-042023-01-04
Just tried it today for the first time for 5mins and wasnt getting any more than 10 catches, then just got a freak run. Low and fast.
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