Akshay A

I am a juggler from New Zealand and I started juggling when one of my sports coaches gave me a challenge to juggle 3 balls. After I learnt it, I wanted to try more and more.

Akshay A has been juggling for 3 years and 1 month.

Combined flashed: 17
Combined qualified: 16

Reputation: 100%
Country: New Zealand
Joined: 2021-04-01

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Akshay A is a member of the passing team: Akshay A, Rohan K.
Akshay A's Solo Patterns
2 ball 1 hand async fountain49/97196c2021-04-181
2 ring 1 hand async fountain laying down5/74c2021-08-311
3 ball 1 hand async fountain27/7188c2021-08-053
3 ball 3 half shower67/109116c2021-04-061
3 ball 5047/12112c2021-04-181
3 ball 52210/22150c2021-04-181
3 ball 522 in outside throws7/7112c2021-04-181
3 ball 441334/94m 19s2021-09-011
3 ball cascade87/1657m 42s2021-04-062
3 ball cascade blind44/5420c2021-04-202
3 ball cascade blind behind the back9/29384c2021-11-095
3 ball cascade isolated8/137m 42s2021-08-011
3 ball cascade with clawed catches22/25106c2021-04-182
3 ball columns 1/3611m 33s2021-04-181
3 ball high low shower12/27316c2021-04-181
3 ball mills mess74/117124c2021-04-021
3 ball reverse cascade73/111109c2021-04-062
3 ball reverse cascade with clawed catches isolated5/81m2021-08-011
3 ball shower69/109134c2021-04-103
3 ball windmill22/2446c2021-04-021
3 club cascade in doubles53/667c2021-04-252
3 club cascade in singles82/122180c2021-06-098
3 ring cascade55/83116c2021-05-131
4 ball 1 hand async fountain27/5611c2021-08-013
4 ball 53459/7336c2021-08-151
4 ball async fountain97/158304c2021-05-087
4 ball mills mess45/6142c2021-09-051
4 ball shower50/79106c2021-09-136
4 ball sync fountain81/11857c2021-04-181
4 ball wimpy25/2856c2021-04-151
4 club async fountain in doubles74/8916c2021-10-171
4 ring async fountain55/7844c2021-08-062
5 ball cascade136/2221m2021-09-2120
5 ball reverse cascade47/585c2021-05-121
5 ball shower44/7031c2021-09-131
5 ring cascade71/8710c2021-09-132
6 ball async fountain98/15834c2021-12-015
6 ball wimpy36/5239c2021-12-013
7 ball cascade117/17218c2021-09-195
8 ball wimpy33/518c2021-07-071
Most catches in 10 seconds of 5 ball cascade 3/867c2021-08-191
Most connected 3 ball 3 up 360s9/1922021-09-202
Most connected 3 ball in one hand 3 up 360s 2/612021-07-131
Most connected 5 ball 5 up 360s5/1912021-10-221
Akshay A's Recent Solo Records
6 ball async fountain34c2021-12-012021-11-30-
6 ball wimpy39c2021-12-012021-11-30-
3 ball cascade blind behind the back384c2021-11-092021-11-09-
3 ball cascade blind behind the back240c2021-11-042021-11-04-
3 ball cascade blind behind the back140c2021-10-312021-10-31-
3 ball cascade blind behind the back112c2021-10-272021-10-27-
Most connected 5 ball 5 up 360s12021-10-222021-10-21-
5 ball cascade230c2021-10-202021-10-19-
4 club async fountain in doubles16c2021-10-172021-10-16-
5 ring cascade10c2021-10-172021-10-16-
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Akshay A's Team Patterns
Akshay A, Rohan K14 ball 1 count 2/321pc2022-02-151
Akshay A, Rohan K15 ball 1 count4/515pc2021-11-151
Akshay A, Rohan K16 ball 1 count 3/516pc2022-02-151
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