Simli Kardin

Hi i am simli or you can call me SIMSIM from Cimahi city,West Java,Indonesia.Started as a Hobbies when i was a teenager in 1997 now i am full time juggler.Eventhough juggling is not popular in my country but i love juggling and i am full time clown and juggler here in Indonesia.Be good do Good,be happy,be grateful and KEEP JUGGLING!

Simli Kardin has been juggling for 27 years.

Combined flashed: 17
Combined qualified: 12

Reputation: 100%
Country: Indonesia
Joined: 2023-03-31

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Simli Kardin's Solo Patterns
3 ball 3 half shower9/11414m 26s2023-04-011
3 ball cascade6/1732h 3m 42s2023-04-021
3 ball cascade with clawed catches4/287m 12s (1320c)2023-04-151
3 ball reverse cascade 3/11631m 49s2023-04-111
3 ball tennis 1/3839m 36s2023-04-141
3 club cascade in doubles10/686m 10s2023-04-211
3 club cascade in singles11/1271h 6m 33s2023-05-283
3 ring cascade8/8746m 20s2023-04-061
4 ball async fountain46/1658m 25s2023-04-171
4 ring async fountain27/82344c2023-05-111
5 ball cascade149/235200c2024-02-132
5 club cascade in doubles93/1205c2016-09-081
5 ring cascade75/916c2023-04-161
6 ball async fountain115/16210c2016-06-221
6 ring async fountain48/696c2016-03-041
6 ring sync fountain28/438c2016-06-251
Simli Kardin's Recent Solo Records
5 ball cascade200c2024-02-132024-02-13
200 catches bad form no problem just throw dont overthinking ????

3 club cascade in singles1h 6m 33s2023-05-282023-05-28
Third attemp 3 clubs record.No video for today.
3 club cascade in singles1h 1m 36s2023-05-132023-05-13
Second attemps of breaking record juggling 3 clubs.No video foe today
4 ring async fountain344c2023-05-112023-05-11
Juggling rings so complicated

3 club cascade in doubles6m 10s2023-04-212023-04-21
More than 500 catches video start from 00.38-6.46

4 ball async fountain8m 25s2023-04-172023-04-17
First time long duration 4 balls maybe more than 1000catches

5 ring cascade6c2023-04-162023-04-16
5 rings flash outdoor vs wind and hot weather

3 ball cascade with clawed catches7m 12s (1320c)2023-04-152023-04-15
1320 catches 07minutes 12 seconds claw catches is complicated

3 ball tennis39m 36s2023-04-142023-04-14
Tennis trick is fun

3 ball reverse cascade31m 49s2023-04-112023-04-11
Reverse cascade enough for today 31 minutes 49 seconds

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