Aviv Fintsy

Combined flashed: 10
Combined qualified: 9

Reputation: 100%
Country: Israel
Joined: 2022-10-25

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Aviv Fintsy is a member of the passing team: Aviv Fintsy, ilia poliakov.
Aviv Fintsy's Solo Patterns
3 ball 63161312/298c2023-08-241
3 ball backcrosses8/58210c2023-02-105
3 ball cascade in overheads12/39330c2022-11-121
3 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head23/3251c2023-11-112
3 club 44129/3666c2022-12-101
3 club 441 in singles11/14147c2022-12-101
3 club 53112/2148c2023-06-151
3 club backcrosses in doubles22/3666c2022-12-102
3 club backcrosses in singles19/3393c2023-01-104
3 club cascade in flat fronts 3/7105c2023-06-161
3 club cascade in flats13/58460c2023-01-102
3 club cascade in overheads14/1753c2022-11-111
3 club cascade with a club balanced on the head23/3990c2023-11-222
4 ball 345 mills mess variation8/1060c2023-11-171
4 ball 53433/68210c2023-11-172
4 ball 534 mills mess variation20/2542c2023-11-171
4 ball 63324/55132c2023-08-263
4 ball 64223/2963c2022-11-141
4 ball 5551410/32425c2023-01-184
4 ball 574132/285c2023-11-214
4 ball 635519/13120c2023-01-183
4 ball 636419/1070c2023-11-181
4 ball 6451411/17125c2023-06-212
4 ball 673134/415c2023-11-181
4 ball 7441412/2075c2023-08-051
4 ball 7531415/2055c2023-08-052
4 ball async fountain in overheads25/3569c2022-11-141
4 ball async fountain with a club balanced on the head22/2824c2023-09-151
4 ball mills mess20/61279c2023-11-171
4 club 534 in double, single, single 3/469c2023-08-205
4 club 555146/740c2023-09-213
4 club async fountain in doubles52/86112c2023-11-222
4 club async fountain in flats15/2012c2023-09-012
4 club async fountain in singles29/61134c2023-05-202
5 ball 64544/6996c2023-07-044
5 ball 66330/339c2023-11-181
5 ball 74451/7942c2023-08-241
5 ball 75331/4312c2023-11-151
5 ball cascade114/212380c2023-02-023
5 ball cascade in overheads26/339c2023-09-151
5 ball mills mess19/4350c2023-11-217
5 ball reverse cascade34/5635c2023-09-154
5 club cascade in doubles86/1107c2023-08-122
Aviv Fintsy's Recent Solo Records
4 club async fountain in doubles112c2023-11-222023-11-22-
3 club cascade with a club balanced on the head90c2023-11-222023-11-22-
5 ball mills mess50c2023-11-212023-11-21-
4 ball 5741385c2023-11-212023-11-21-
4 ball 5741360c2023-11-182023-11-18-
4 ball 6364170c2023-11-182023-11-18-
4 ball 6731315c2023-11-182023-11-18-
5 ball 6639c2023-11-182023-11-18-
4 ball 633120c2023-11-182023-11-18-
4 ball mills mess279c2023-11-172023-11-17-
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Aviv Fintsy's Team Patterns
Aviv Fintsy, ilia poliakov6 club 1 count singles 3/4120pc2022-10-251
Aviv Fintsy, ilia poliakov7 club 1 count singles 1/362pc2022-12-152
Aviv Fintsy, ilia poliakov7 club 2 count doubles6/7108pc2022-10-251
Aviv Fintsy, ilia poliakov7 club 3 count doubles1/145pc2022-12-151
Aviv Fintsy, ilia poliakov8 club 1 count doubles1/130pc2022-10-251
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