Borre Isac Lorange

Norwegian Juggler, juggling Triangles. All ring records registered are done with Triangles.

Borre Isac Lorange has been juggling for 13 years and 2 months.

Combined flashed: 24
Combined qualified: 21

Reputation: 100%
Country: Norway
Joined: 2020-12-18

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Borre Isac Lorange is a member of the passing team: Borre Isac Lorange, Haavard Hvidsten.
Borre Isac Lorange's Solo Patterns
2 ball 1 hand columns 2/2114m 43s2021-01-231
2 ball 5019/182m 41s2020-12-231
2 club 1 hand columns in singles 2/92m 58s (327c)2023-10-081
3 ball (6,2)(2x,2x) 2/5300c2021-01-301
3 ball 3 half shower7/9918m 22s (2378c)2020-12-181
3 ball 423 with penguin catches 1/4132c2022-03-011
3 ball 441 in outside throws5/93m 42s (875c)2022-03-041
3 ball 531 3/618m 39s2021-01-231
3 ball 4413 1/1013m 16s2023-11-271
3 ball 4512 2/136m 31s2023-11-271
3 ball 5223 1/3648c2023-11-281
3 ball 5511 2/179m 36s (2243c)2021-01-231
3 ball 5314415/8666c2020-12-231
3 ball box 2/6715m 24s (4240c)2023-11-272
3 ball cascade blind21/52132c2020-12-241
3 ball cascade laying down6/16461c2021-08-081
3 ball factory 2/42m 56s2022-03-011
3 ball mills mess12/1087m 12s2023-11-281
3 ball reverse cascade in overheads 1/6312c2022-03-021
3 ball shower17/1043m 56s2020-12-181
3 ball shower isolated 1/817m 8s2022-03-011
3 ball tennis6/3412m 30s (2421c)2020-12-231
3 club (4,2) 1/6367c2022-09-091
3 club (4,4)(4,0) in doubles 1/4330c2023-10-111
3 club (4,4)(4x,0)* in singles 2/4441c2023-02-041
3 club (4x,2)* with the 4xs as doubles and the 2s as singles 2/5374c2022-09-241
3 club 3 in outside throws 2/6502c2023-10-081
3 club 423 in doubles1/11m 35s (124c)2023-09-081
3 club 423 in flats 2/8372c2022-03-041
3 club 423 in halfs 2/4247c2023-05-191
3 club 423 in singles 3/1210m 20s2023-09-081
3 club 441 2/3612m 3s2023-05-192
3 club 441 in singles4/145m 8s (1064c)2023-10-103
3 club 441 variation: 4 as a double, 4 as a flat and 1 as a normal1/1222c2023-10-101
3 club 612 1/2124c2023-02-051
3 club 4413 in singles 1/31112c2023-10-102
3 club 4440 1/116m 2s (564c)2023-01-201
3 club 5313 1/2136c2023-10-091
3 club 44403 in singles1/1200c2023-02-041
3 club 55500 in singles 3/41m 2s (123c)2023-10-091
3 club box7/14156c2023-08-281
3 club cascade in doubles5/6415m 25s (1331c)2021-01-251
3 club cascade in flat fronts 1/7432c2023-01-202
3 club cascade in flat fronts in flats1/16m 22s2023-11-012
3 club cascade in flats8/585m 1s (734c)2022-09-092
3 club cascade in halfs 1/1913m 43s2022-10-161
3 club cascade in lazies 2/142m 17s (243c)2022-09-231
3 club cascade in one and a halfs 2/4107c2023-02-041
3 club cascade in one and a halfs with ohshits 1/3152c2022-11-201
3 club cascade in singles40/1097m 11s2020-12-181
3 club cascade in triples 3/361542c2022-09-301
3 club cascade with arms crossed6/9125c2022-08-191
3 club continuous under arm in singles 1/4147c2022-09-241
3 club mills mess in doubles 2/8120c2023-09-081
3 club mills mess in singles7/32381c2022-10-161
3 club reverse cascade in flats 2/4376c2023-01-201
3 club windmill 1/8236c2023-10-221
3 club windmill in flat fronts in flats 1/2208c2023-10-082
3 ring (4x,2)(2,4x) 2/3200c2020-12-211
3 ring 5315/142m 3s (306c)2020-12-211
3 ring cascade in flat fronts 1/125m 9s (577c)2023-07-131
3 ring windmill 1/7207c2022-03-021
4 ball 42[33] 1/31m 49s (210c)2023-11-281
4 ball 535/191m 42s (302c)2022-03-041
4 ball 53422/68342c2020-12-241
4 ball 5524/458m 12s2021-01-301
4 ball 6155/29564c2021-01-231
4 ball shower11/761m 37s (416c)2020-12-241
4 ball wimpy5/234m 31s (766c)2022-03-041
4 ball windmill 1/15311c2022-03-021
4 club async fountain in doubles18/86813c2023-10-081
4 club sync fountain in doubles9/47420c2023-10-081
4 ring 5347/15106c2021-01-251
4 ring async fountain17/733m 20s (542c)2021-02-011
4 ring sync fountain15/451m 18s (220c)2021-02-011
5 ball cascade14/21235m 11s2018-05-061
5 club cascade in doubles54/11082c2020-12-081
5 ring cascade30/83194c2020-05-121
6 club async fountain in triples30/526c2018-08-071
7 ball cascade36/165278c2017-03-181
7 ring cascade25/5421c2018-05-181
8 ball async fountain21/11849c2017-04-122
8 ring async fountain21/448c2019-02-181
9 ball cascade33/10819c2015-12-181
10 ball sync fountain8/3310c2012-07-101
Borre Isac Lorange's Recent Solo Records
4 ball 42[33]1m 49s (210c)2023-11-282023-11-28-
3 ball mills mess7m 12s2023-11-282023-11-28-
3 ball 5223648c2023-11-282023-11-28-
3 ball 45126m 31s2023-11-272023-11-27-
3 ball 441313m 16s2023-11-272023-11-27-
3 ball box15m 24s (4240c)2023-11-272023-11-27-
3 club cascade in flat fronts in flats6m 22s2023-11-012023-11-01-
3 club windmill236c2023-10-222023-10-22-
3 club (4,4)(4,0) in doubles330c2023-10-112023-10-11-
3 club 441 in singles5m 8s (1064c)2023-10-102023-10-10-
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Borre Isac Lorange's Team Patterns
Borre Isac Lorange, Haavard Hvidsten7 club 3 count singles1/125pc2023-08-281
Borre Isac Lorange, Haavard Hvidsten7 club 4 count triples1/1202pc2023-08-281
Borre Isac Lorange, Haavard Hvidsten8 club 2 count doubles 1/7110pc2023-08-281
Borre Isac Lorange, Haavard Hvidsten8 club 2 count singles1/140pc2023-08-281
Borre Isac Lorange, Haavard Hvidsten9 club 2 count doubles2/233pc2023-08-281
Borre Isac Lorange, Haavard Hvidsten9 club 2 count triples1/133pc2023-08-281
Borre Isac Lorange, Haavard HvidstenMost catches in 1 minute of 6 club 2 count1/1144pc2023-08-281
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