Push forward and hard.

Combined flashed: 12
Combined qualified: 12

Reputation: 100%
Country: Greece
Joined: 2017-08-14

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3 ball 1 hand async fountain6/742m 10s2021-03-284
3 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head8/331m 50s (182c)2020-12-3113
3 ball cascade with a head bounce6/911c2019-04-067
3 club 531 1/216m2020-12-302
3 club backcrosses in doubles 3/373m 20s (257c)2022-09-032
3 club backcrosses in one and a halfs with ohshits2/2101c2021-05-144
3 club backcrosses in singles6/352m 10s (230c)2022-03-225
3 club cascade in helicopters 1/82m 22s (318c)2021-11-153
3 club cascade with a club balanced on the head7/432m 34s (295c)2022-04-0314
3 club cascade with a head bounce6/613c2021-01-017
3 club mills mess in flats 3/92m 25s2020-12-312
3 club mills mess in halfs with ohshits2/22m (216c)2020-12-171
4 ball mills mess 2/6213m 38s2021-01-036
4 club 53 3/224m 15s2022-01-143
4 club 534 3/372m 10s2021-11-153
4 club 552 2/196m 33s2021-03-241
4 club async fountain in doubles8/9413m 13s (2100c)2018-02-167
4 club columns in one and a halfs with ohshits1/11m 11s2023-12-104
5 ball cascade29/23415m 20s2019-08-313
5 ball reverse cascade6/58430c2018-03-205
5 ball shower31/7176c2021-05-125
5 club cascade in doubles57/11997c2021-11-2115
6 ball async fountain53/162156c2018-02-253
7 ball cascade103/17738c2024-01-186
Longest time with a club balanced on the head11/315m 25s2019-03-044
Longest time with a head bounce6/14262b2020-12-306
John's Recent Solo Records
7 ball cascade38c2024-01-182024-01-28
Progress after 4 years :) To film soon
4 club columns in one and a halfs with ohshits1m 11s2023-12-102023-12-10
tried it again today, surpassed the 1min, happy :)

3 club backcrosses in doubles3m 20s (257c)2022-09-032022-09-03
Neck endurance :) Wanted to surpass 200 at some point, well here it is!

3 club cascade with a club balanced on the head2m 34s (295c)2022-04-032022-04-04
Finally some progress!

3 club backcrosses in singles2m 10s (230c)2022-03-222022-03-22
Barrier of 200 catches and 2min achieved

4 club 534m 15s2022-01-142022-01-15
5min is the goal!

5 club cascade in doubles97c2021-11-212021-11-22

3 club cascade in helicopters2m 22s (318c)2021-11-152021-11-17
Helicopter gymnastics :)

4 club 5342m 10s2021-11-152021-11-17
A bit better!

4 club 5342m 2s (400c)2021-08-072021-08-08
Just a bit better from last time, has potential!

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