Road to 4 ball Mills Mess Group

Tricks that are prerequisites for 4 balls Mills Mess! If you want to learn 4 balls Mills and get your prerequisites on track, join!

Group admin: Jos Tipker
Number of members: 8
Number of patterns: 7

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Road to 4 ball Mills Mess - Group Leaderboard
#Juggler1st places2nd places3rd places
1Robert LeBoeuf210
2Jack the Juggler201
3Paco Jover102
4Jos Tipker031
6Feiko Klaver000
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Users in this group (8 members):

Jos Tipker, Feiko Klaver, Niels vd Vossen, Robert LeBoeuf, jakekoo, Paco Jover, gulugulu, Jack the Juggler

Patterns in Road to 4 ball Mills Mess
Pattern1st place2nd place3rd placeTotal jugglers
3 ball 414 mills mess variation---0
3 ball 12345 mills mess variation---0
3 ball mills messJack the JugglerJos Tipkergulugulu6
4 ball async fountainJack the JugglerRobert LeBoeufJos Tipker5
4 ball async fountain in outside throwsRobert LeBoeufJos TipkerPaco Jover4
4 ball columnsPaco JoverguluguluJack the Juggler3
4 ball sync fountainRobert LeBoeufJos TipkerPaco Jover5
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