James Hennigan's Progress for 4 ball reverse shoulder throws
75c 2022-01-232022-01-23
Dropped #76
67c 2022-01-182022-01-18
Clean finish
61c 2022-01-142022-01-14
Dropped #62
45c 2022-01-132022-01-13
I think I dropped #46
38c 2022-01-042022-01-04
I think I dropped #39. Did this at 5b height. I\'d only been able to do 6b height up until recently.
31c 2022-01-012022-01-01
Dropped 32nd
26c 2021-12-312021-12-31-
20c 2021-12-302021-12-30
Back to fountain. Got this twice.
18c 2021-12-272021-12-27
Back to fountain
14c 2017-05-30--
To a collect.
13c 2017-05-25--
To a collect.
10c 2017-05-13--
From and to a fountain.
8c 2017-05-12--
Starting on both sides. From and to a fountain.
6c 2017-02-03--
Starting on both sides. Using Norwiks.
5c 2017-01-25--
Starting on both sides.
4c 2017-01-08--
Easier than expected. Flashed a few times starting on each side. From and to fountain. Working on 423 & 4413.
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