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The Numbers Juggling League

The "Numbers Juggling League" is a year-long numbers juggling competition where participants compete for the longest runs with 8+ balls, 6+ clubs and 8+ rings. At the end of the year, the juggler with the most points in each prop discipline and a combined discipline will be crowned a Numbers Juggling League winner!

Our main goals with the Numbers Juggling League are to:

  1. Motivate jugglers to train higher numbers more; through competing and progressing together
  2. Make jugglers appreciate seasonal bests, instead of just new personal bests
  3. Encourage jugglers to push for achievements that might seem out of reach


Allowed Categories

Allowed Patterns

For Balls

For Clubs

For Rings

Note: Every throw has to be non-multiplex

Allowed Props

Note: In general, if you use standard juggling equipment that the manufacturer describes as balls, clubs or rings they will fit the descriptions above.


Measuring Runs

Runs are measured in catches only and can be a minimum of 4 catches long. Catches are counted until the first drop is made. So the final run is a consecutive series of catches with no missed catch in between.

Note: Prop catches are counted in terms of the order they are caught, not thrown. For example, for runs in 97, each 7 is thrown after a 9 and caught before that 9. So even though the 9 is thrown first, dropping the 7 that was thrown just after would end the run, even if the 9 is caught.

Note: Dropping one and catching one out of a sync pair counts as one catch.

A Valid Run

A valid run is a run that is:

The video must:

In general, the video should convince other jugglers, beyond reasonable doubt, that you have accomplished the claimed feat. Failing to do the following may lead to a record submission being rejected:

Runs Shorter than a Flash?

Traditionally in a numbers juggling competition, participants would have to achieve at least of a qualify (2n catches of n objects) or at least a flash (n catches of n objects) to enter. In this competition, we are making a change to this!

If you release all objects in an allowed pattern and catch at least the first 4 objects, you can enter the competition. This means that if someone does 16 throws with 16 balls and catches the first 4 balls, the run can be submitted to the competition and receive points.

We are doing this for a few reasons:

Note: Every throw should be thrown with the intention of later catching it. For example, if someone is attempting 12 balls in a pattern where they throw the first 4 “correctly”, followed by 8 intentionally “random” throws in order to catch the first 4, this may lead to the run being rejected.

Note: If the pattern starts with multiplex throws, the run is counted from when the first non-multiplex throw is caught

The Scoring System

In Each Category

In Each Prop Discipline

Each participant's score is the sum of all the categories they entered. For example:

In the Combined Discipline

We add together the points from each prop discipline each juggler has entered.

How to Enter

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